Here Are The Best Nintendo 3DS Games Recomended For New Owners

top 25 nintendo 3ds games spring

Super Mario 3dNow that the Christmas season is over, some of fortunate gamers might have gotten Nintendo’s portable video gaming consoles as a present whether it is a Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo 2DS or the most recent Nintendo 3DS XL. However, if you’re still unsure or confused on exactly what type of game is worthwhile of your hard-earned money, then were here to assist.

Polygon made an incredible list of video games recommended for players owners who owns Nintendo 3DS, 2DS and 3DS XL for the very first time. Gamers should start with Nintendo Classics like, “The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds” which is a “top-down experience” that looks like the game’s finest entries, the SNES video game “A Link to the Past.”

Next is “Super Mario 3D” which is among the entertaining Mario video games. It is one of the best arguments in transforming the systems to a fuller stereoscopic 3D slider. The next entry is the one of the popular Nintendo video games “Pokemon Sun and Moon” where they provided a fresh method in introducing the Alola region along with revamping generation one Pokemon.

“Mario Kart 7” is one of the most popular 3DS game which was sold over 13 million times where it includes hang-gliding in addition to tailoring karts to Mario Kart with over 16 playable characters and 32 courses. If you are an experience type player then the method role-playing video game, “Fire Emblem Awakening” and the most current 3DS entry “Monster Hunter Generation” may be more to your preference.


The “Xenoblade Chronicles 3D”, which is among the rare Nintendo 3DS-only exclusives, has dozens of quest, large areas to check out and lots of items to collect. The standard Japanese role-playing video game, “Bravely Default” and the “Person Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth” were likewise recommended for the adventure-type games.

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