‘Final Fantasy VII Remake’ Play Arts Kai Figures Now Ready For Pre-Order

Sephiroth Play Arts Kai Action Figure (FFVII)However alas, Square has actually been absolutely nothing but reserved about how “Final Fantasy VII Remake” will be introduced.

Faithful or not, its gamers should be assured that the video game designer will bring quality to an entry that brought them to more appeal when it was released in 1997.

And as the demands for these questions have heightened as its release gets impending, Square Enix is en path in jazzing up the computer game’s classic power.

One of its evident enticements remains in the type of the new “Final Fantasy VII Remake” Play Arts Kai figurines, which are now readily available for pre-order.

Amongst the included figures which have actually now appeared are those of Cloud and Barret. Both are retailed at $139 and will be delivered off appropriately in Spring 2017.

On the other hand, the rendered and colored images of Play Arts Kai Figurines for “Final Fantasy VII Remake” can be seen via this link.

As such, Cloud can be seen standing at 10.75-inches high while his sword towers at 9.6-inches. Cloud also features 6 interchangeable hands in addition to a base. On the other hand, Barret stands at an even taller 11.6 inches and is geared up with one optional hand and a base. Cloud Strife FF Action Figure


Cloud’s release is tipped to be set in April 2017 while Barret is set up a month after. Both will be priced at around $98 within AmiAmi, which claims that the amount is currently a discounted one especially marketed for the “Final Fantasy VII Remake” enthusiasts, with the price originally retailed at around $139 USD.

Play Arts Kai has actually also done some figurines for popular characters such as Batman and Star Wars. It has actually just recently launched a figure for Sephiroth, which is likewise helming the “Final Fantasy VII Remake.”

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